“I Haven’t Walked Alone”

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Llwlyn Walker: A Life of Joy.


Former Women’s Ministry Coordinator at FBC Lubbock, Texas, Llwlyn also taught English as a Second Language for many years. From young marrieds to babies – the elderly to internationals, Llwlyn touches any on her path.


I’m glad we were in her pathway, as our entire family has been loved and encouraged by her since 1991.


But, why am I still using space? Let’s hear from Llwlyn herself: 


“Because our relationship started at the ages of 16 & 17, my early years with Jerry Walker were truly spent “growing up” with him. He was the stud football player and I was the awe-struck teenager. 



“Jerry had never been exposed to a personal relationship with Christ, so somehow became that example to him as we dated. Although I suppose it could have turned out much differently, God was gracious to the both of us and Jerry became a Christian his senior year in high school, while we were dating. 


“We married young and I followed him to Texas Tech, where he continued to play football. A four-year starter,Jerry was voted best player in the Border Conference as a junior and was named All-American on the Williamson National Rating System both his junior and senior year. 


“Yet, being in the Texas Tech Hall of Honor was not nearly as important to me as the man he was becoming. Somewhere along the way, Jerry’s Christian relationship became very strong, and he became the spiritual leader in our home. 


“He had such a strong personality and character, I was totally dependent on him. Our family grew and after graduation, his business did as well. Jerry was my protector, my security – literally, the biggest part of my life, both mentally and physically. 


“And then, before my 51st birthday, I suddenly realized he was going to be taken out of my life.  With Jerry’s business dying, his ability to work gone, and NO assurance of anything, we came to realize that, actually, we had never controlled anything. We couldn’t control our health, our future, our paycheck, health insurance, a place to live, or anything else. It all came through Christ’s power.


“Like a newborn baby, all we had was weakness.


“And with that – the promise that His power became our strength (2 Corinthians 12:9-10). That realization gave me the supernatural power to hold up my head. 


I would walk without Jerry, but not alone.


“Even today, that verse is daily alive to me. God continues to amaze me with His strength and blessings. In all my wildest dreams, I never would have thought I would have been able to build the life and accomplish the things I have in these 27 years since Jerry’s death.


“Isaiah 41:10 says “So do not fear for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my Righteous Right Hand.” 


“In a very real way, He is with me. He does help and strengthen me. Praise God!


“Although Jerry cannot, the Righteous Right Hand, God’s Son is holding me up. 


Remember, that promise and assurance is for each of us. Listen to Him say that to you in your time of weakness.