How to Breakthrough

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In her book Start Small, author Karen Dilbeck points out that every organization or family has its own culture. “Each of us functions in many kingdoms (cultures and sub-cultures) and move freely between them every single day.” 

What a great insight. My child’s classroom has its own culture, and your workplace has another. Everywhere has a particular way of doing things; each location its own mini kingdom. Dilbeck goes so far as to say, “Wherever (our) feet are at the moment is a kingdom.”

My dilemma is that I tend to see a problem and panic. It might be the plight of the family next door or the sex trafficking across town. I immediately want to whine in desperation, “Something has to be done! What can I possibly do to change this situation?” 

I was oddly encouraged to read that my response isn’t new. Four thousand years ago, the Israelites were saying the same thing: “These nations are greater than us,” they moaned. “How can we possibly dispossess them?” (Deuteronomy 7:17)

God answers both their question and ours with simplicity. “This is war. Dispossess the rebel kingdom.”

I, for one, had to grow into the idea of warfare prayer. My small, rural church of yesteryear didn’t speak of it. However, I am increasingly more convinced that “God-bless-‘em-prayers” don’t address disjointed families or sexual perversions. These types of prevailing empires don’t abdicate their thrones because of a mumbled blessing (Mark 9:29). 

This is war. Random acts of kindness stimulates lasting change only when we first plant the Kingdom flag onto enemy ground through prayer. Although “every place on which the sole of (our feet) shall tread shall be (ours),” the illegal tenant must first be driven out (Deuteronomy 11:24; 9:3). 

Let’s say a hopeless situation is brought to your attention. God reveals this to you, not to overwhelm, but to encourage you to claim back the stolen ground for His Kingdom. The forceful overthrow of entrenched, enemy kingdoms is accomplished only by prayer armies who believe their King is the strongest (Deuteronomy 6:18-19; Luke 11:22). (By the way, our General wins battles with many or with few, actually preferring just a few faith-filled warriors — 1 Samuel 14:6; Judges 7:2-8).

God owns the entire earth and desires to see His Kingdom set up on every neighborhood and marketplace (Psalm 24:1). As His ambassadors, we act as watchmen, looking for specific locations He can take up residence. It may be the family with a wayward son or a classroom with an unruly student. Our prayer invites His Royal Presence to come into the situation to possess what He already owns (Deuteronomy 1:8). He gave us the deed to the Kingdom, and now we must dispossess to make way for His Reign (Deuteronomy 2:24).

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The Lord’s Prayer. takes on new meaning. When we ask His Kingdom to come, we are inviting the Rightful Ruler to set up His Headquarters where the enemy has established squatter’s rights (Matthew 6:10). No rote prayer, the invitation of His Kingdom is a complete ousting of a gorilla government. Opening the gates for the arrival of our Divine Monarchy is radical.

Your prayer might sound something like this:

“Lord, (this classroom, this wayward daughter, this deluded agency, etc…) is being homesteaded by illegal trespassers. A rebel ruler has set up his reign over hearts and lives, causing an allegiance to (hatred rather than love, rebellion rather than peace, confusion rather than spiritual thoughts, etc…). But, this plot of ground is perfect for You. Thy Kingdom come. Descend into this situation, dispossessing the current government, and establishing an outpost of heaven there. Marginalize the darkness by the brilliance of Your Light. Set up Your dominion here and rule in power. I plant Your flag amid this situation by the Name of Your Victorious Son, Jesus. Amen.