How He Leads

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Today, we turn our thoughts to the last of our spiritual senses: touch


Sure, the Apostle Paul spoke of laying hold of that “for which I was laid hold of by Christ.” (Philippians 3:12) But how can we truly grasp this when we can’t feel Him with our fingertips?


I’m encouraged as I think about an experience with a friend in college. Remember Paula?


She is my blind friend that taught me so much about life. Although Lena, her guide dog, was almost always by her side, sometimes I got to be Paula’s guide as well. 


Paula gently taught me that the best way to help her was not for me to hold onto her. Instead, she placed her hand just above my crooked elbow, with her fingers inside my arm and her thumb on the outside. That way, she was just a half a pace behind me and able instantly able to detect any changes in our direction. 


Spiritual lesson: Although the Holy Spirit promises to guide me into all Truth (John 16:13), I have to be willing to draw my spirit near enough to Him to detect His movements. Knowing about Him and truly knowing His Presence are two totally different experiences. 


Sometimes, Paula and I had to navigate through narrow doorways that wouldn’t accommodate us using the above position. She showed me how I could signal an upcoming shift by moving my arm behind me. This let her know to change her grip from my elbow to my wrist and extend her arm to its fullest extent. Once through the walkway, moving my arm back to my side was her signal to return her hand to my elbow. 


Spiritual lesson: If you are daily walking beside your Holy Guide, then He will signal you when there is danger ahead. It may seem that He is further away from you during this time, but it is only because He is positioning Himself directly in front of you (Psalm 23:4). Be patient. It’s only a passageway.


A few times, Paula and I even faced the challenge of stairs together. She taught me that it was best for me to stop before the steps. I was to make sure that we were facing them squarely and to let her know whether we were ascending or descending the stairs. 


Of course, it was always best if a hand rail was available. Once we began, we could easily walk in rhythm without worrying about how many steps were before us. Paula even mentioned that it was better for her not to know the number of steps, as counting them was more confusing than just following my lead.


Spiritual lesson: Whether our Holy Guide is taking us up or down, He is still in control. It is never His desire that we stumble and He will take special care to help while we walk unleveled ground (Proverbs 4:12). He doesn’t tell us how many steps are ahead, as that would take our mind off His lead and onto our own feet. 


Has your Guide taught you any special lessons you would like to share?