How a Necklace Impacted My Life

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For as long as I can remember, one of my mother’s favorite pieces of jewelry was a mustard seed necklace

Dangling from a simple, inexpensive chain, a globe of glass encapsulated a tiny grain of mustard. It held no intrinsic value, but my mother’s estimation of it made it valuable to me: 

“You see, Kandy,” Mother explained, “This tiny little seed is very important. Although it is the size of a pin-head, the seed itself has the potential of growing into something many times larger than itself. 

“Inside that seed case contains life — roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and more seeds. Everything needed to produce a mustard plant is inside that little kernel.

“God’s Word says that if we have faith like a mustard seed, then we can do great things (Matthew 17:20). You may feel that your faith is minimal, but God says even a little bit is enough.”

“How can something that small be enough?” I asked.

“Because its the whole package, remember? Everything needed for growth is compacted down into that tiny little seed. Your faith may not seem to be much, but within that little bit of faith lies the potential for your life to sprout into something far greater than what you now see.” 

As I have grappled with faith over the years, I often come back to that little necklace. Despite how small my submission seems to me, faithing God packs potential (Mark 11:22-24). 

When I try to whip up faith from my emotions, I find that my feelings aren’t faith. My feelings can’t possibly please God without depending on Who God is, rather than how I feel (Hebrews 11:6).   

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Faith is looking outside of me into the face of God. Think about it! We have the capacity to connect with the divine. When our desire melds with His will, we have “asking power.” Nineteenth century author, S.D.Gordon puts it even more strongly, “The roots of prayer lie down in oneness of purpose. God up yonder, His Victor-Son by His side, and a man down here, in such sympathetic touch that God can think His thoughts over in this man’s mind, and have His desires repeated upon the earth as this man’s prayer.” Now that is faith.

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We don’t have to worry about the size of our faith granule. God fills in all the missing parts (2 Corinthians 12:9). Consent to His persuasive influence and begin to think His thoughts over in your mind. It’s the best action you will ever take.