His note

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Dear Ones,


I’ve been reading what you all have talked about regarding spiritual vision. It excites me that you realize that your physical eyes are not the ones that are most useful.


You’ve spoken of seeing Me and seeing others as I do. But to date, you haven’t mentioned a thing about the way that I see you. 


I thought that maybe it would help a little if you heard it straight from Me


You may have heard that I love you. That’s very, very true. But I don’t think you understand the depth of my affection.


I just stare at you all the time because you are so precious to Me. I can be quiet in this love for a while, but then it just spills out of Me and I have to shout it out


I love you with the kind of Love that waits for you. I wait when you resist My advances – wait when you are slow to understand Me. I even wait while you go off and pursue things that honestly make Me embarrassed. But I still pursue you because I know you are worth it. 


My love, you are so amazing – better than the reluctant, passive lover you often act like. I know you well – in fact, better than you know yourself.


Sometimes, I let you go off onto your lustful tangent – let you seek for the acceptance and approval in areas other than with Me. It hurts Me – partly because I know how much energy you are spending and what a waste it is. 


You see, I hate to see energy dissipated without return


Remember, True Love is the only thing with enough abundance to squander. Come to me to break your precious vial. I will continue to refill your emptiness with the overflow of My own inner river of sweet Life


Come to my arms and let my mercy wash over you. When you receive my full forgiveness, you will understand Love more deeply as these two are inseparably linked.


You innermost being is beautiful, my sugar bear. 


Come; let me hold you for awhile.