Hear it; Do it

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Language school was a necessary evil to me. Yes, I wanted to communicate in Mandarin, but learning stretched my Texas accent
Mike approached the whole experience differently. One of my fellow students at the Guo Yu Er Bau language center, Mike honestly enjoyed the challenge. He innately practiced what he learned.


If we learned market words in the morning, Mike was at the market practicing them in the afternoon. If we learned post office vocabulary, he suddenly needed to buy stamps. If we learned about the zoo…well, you get the picture.


Mike immediately practiced his lessons. And because of that, Mike excelled in the language. “What’s the use of learning, if you aren’t planning to apply?”, he often asked.


What if we adopted the same philosophy towards our faith? What if we practiced what we heard the Father say each morning?


If He spoke about generosity, we moved to give freely throughout our day. If He revealed patience, we would be steadfast and enduring to wait throughout the day.


St. Augustine adopted a “hear and obey” faith. He read of the rich young ruler and gave what he had to the poor. He read John 13 and immediately washed the feet of the saints.


After all, what’s the use of faith, if it doesn’t transform your life? 


What’s the use of Living Water, if you never get thirsty?


What’s the use of a light of the world, if you are never in the dark?


What use it it, my brethren, if a man says he has faith, but he has no works? Can that faith save him?… Faith, if it has no works, is dead..” (James 2:14,17)


What about you? What’s the use of your faith?


Above photo of my husband, Mark and Mike Osment – 1989.