Hands and Heart

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Growing up as an “oops” baby in a home of older parents, I usually spent my Saturday evening watching “Hee Haw” and “Lawrence Welk”.  It seemed like a good “Christian” activity as popular music artists often performed hymns and many variety hosts ended their shows with the words, “God bless.” 


My mother always said that “If you have Christ in your heart, He will also show up on your hands.”  


Yet, the personalities on television often didn’t line up with the God that they so openly blessed. I would often go to bed at night trying to figure out how someone could profess God with their mouths and yet act so very opposed to Him. It just didn’t seem to make sense.


Bishop J.C.Ryle says:


I doubt indeed, whether we have any warrant for saying that a man can possibly be converted without being consecrated to God. More consecrated he doubtless can be, and will be as his grace increases, but if he was not consecrated to God in the very day he was converted and born again, I do not know what conversion means.”


The epistle of James says the same thing:


But are you willing to recognize, you foolish fellow, that faith without works is useless?” (James 2:20).


You see, your conviction (faith) about God is completed when you act out what He says


Let’s say that I tell you I have written a song. Now, you’ve heard me sing (and weren’t impressed) and also know that my years of piano lessons “didn’t take”. I never hum the melody and won’t share with you any of my lyrics. I never talk about the song’s meaning or origin except to interject its existence randomly into conversation. After a while, would you believe that it really existed?


I would need to sing my song in order to prove its reality in my life, huh?


As we mentor and teach, here are two helpful guideposts:


  • We must model actually putting into practice what we say we hear from God.


We use the American sign language for “all done” to signal to our babies that they are about to get up from their high chair. Let’s use the Kingdom sign for “let your yes be yes, and your no be no” to show our children we mean what we say.


  • Teach your children that lifestyle and humility mean more to God than one’s words.

It helped me tremendously when my mom finally explained to me that just because God is on the lips, doesn’t mean God is in the heart. Simple? Yes.  But also a good tool of discernment to teach your children. 


How have you modeled or taught the link between faith and actions?