Guilt and Guilt alike

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Tears streamed from Ping-Yi’s face.


I feel so guilty”, she said.


Before believing in Christ, Ping-Yi had spent years in pornography. Although a believer now, these images from her past still vividly rolled onto the screen of her thoughts.


I guess that God is tempting me of my past sins. I’ll never be free from these thoughts because I am too weak.”


As we searched for Truth in the Word, the Father revealed the real Strength of her heart. Ping-Yi saw the Presence of Jesus and eventually, she took a deep breath of hope in freedom.


Do you have condemning thoughts that loop over and again in your mind? Do you feel too weak to be an example to your friends and family because of the negativity within you?


Hear the voice of the Lord as He washes you with His Truth.


God never tempts you with evil, but only tests your belief in Him. 


There is a big difference in a temptation and a testing. The first is an enticement toward evil. The latter is an encouragement toward good. One drags you down. The other lifts you up. The Lord is all about building up, not tearing down. 


God always is a rewarder of those that seek Him. If you are seeking Him, but feeling constantly condemned, then the voice you are hearing isn’t His.



 God’s purpose isn’t guilt, but a love.


Aren’t you saddened when you see a beautiful child who is painfully insecure? You just want to scoop them into your arms and show them what you can see of who they are. 


When the Father sees you, His child, He sees the fountain of His own Living Water gushing from your spirit. He doesn’t want you focusing on a past or present sin for which you have already been forgiven. Instead, He wants you to simple walk toward Him and begin bathing in the fountain of the heavenlies.


Any accusation you feel comes from Satan – “the accuser” (Zechariah 3:1). 


Negative thoughts are centered around self, not God.


These “shouda-woulda-coulda” promptings always place our feelings of self in the center of our universe.


We’ve been commanded to gorilla-glue our thoughts onto Jesus, but somehow we rarely pick up the tube. Instead, we continue to cut paper tigers into our own image. 


Each one is tempted when he is carried away (often by our own thoughts) and enticed by his own lust.” (James 1:14). 


To him that knows the right thing to do (or think?) and does not do it, to him it is sin.” (James 4:17).


What specific thought pattern do you need transformed? 


Desire that points toward Him comes directly from Him. As He gives you this desire, He will now work it within you.  I’m praying for you and those you influence.


(Wanna know more about distinguishing the voices? Read Chapter 22 in Hungry for More: Feasting through the Word.)