Grow Up

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O Father,

We’ve been like babies, awaiting strained food from pastors and personalities, rather than feeding directly from Your Hand. We’ve subsisted on spiritual smoothies blended from tweets, sound bytes, and media reports. So, in Your longing for us to grow, You’ve pushed time aside to begin our meal training.

You desire that we increase in wisdom and favor (Luke 2:52). You offer us a fork and set before us bite-sized portions of Your Word (Isaiah 55:1-2). We bobble in the high chair, unsure how to ingest Your Word without having it puréed via podcast or devotional (1 Corinthians 3:2).

Many of us have tube-fed upon spiritual quips for so long, that we find difficulty biting into substance. Yet, as corruption intensifies and society panics, we will desperately need discernment between the pre-masticated and the meaty. O how we need Your insight to separate truth from deceit. Only Your Life is true food (John 6:55). Show us how to grip the utensil and maneuver meat into our mouths (2 Timothy 2:15). Self-feeding is going to take some practice (Hebrews 5:14).

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I’m ready to feed solely on Your Word, Father. Put me in the booster seat of Your Presence and be patient when I make a mess. Set me in the kitchen with only the Divine Person of Your Holy Spirit to guide my hand and heart (John 14:26). Take away what distracts me from solid food and grant me a hunger for Your righteous satisfaction (Matthew 5:6).

You have food to offer that I can’t even imagine, so I yearn to value Your Word more than breakfast, lunch, or dinner (John 4:32; Job 23:14). I want to be a healthy eater, not a picky one, so introduce me to a variety of Your Truths. As You feed me and I chew this Book, may Your Word become my joy and heart’s delight (Ezekiel 3:1; Jeremiah 15:16). I’ve tasted and know that Your Word is not only good but, if savored, is sweeter than the honey drippings of the honeycomb (Psalm 34:8; 19:10).

Your Book reveals Your heart. Time with You in the kitchen will both satisfy and stimulate me to hunger for more. Thank You for granting me a taste of Your kindness and for having a plan for my growth (1 Peter 2:2-3). Tie on my bib; I’m ready to eat. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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