Got BodyLife?

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God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble” James 4:6; 1 Peter 5:5


Did you ever realize that both James and Peter used this same quote?


As I study through it, the really amazing thing is that it’s not a direct quote from anywhere in the Bible. 


There are hints of it in Proverbs 3:34 and Psalm 18:27 – but the fact that both of these guys use basically the same words show me something….


They were in community together.


The Father had spoken this same truth to them as they shared life with one another. Together, they heard the Lord speak to their hearts so strongly that they felt compelled to use the very same wording when they wrote to their “friends back home”. 


This is what it’s like to be “body” with a group of believers. 


In a day when the mega-church is all the rage, bodylife remains key


Bodylife is a small group of believers, coming together to share life on life with one another.


Individuals that seek together end up discovering together. The mere diversity of personalities is what makes the blend all the more miraculous.


Peter and James had that special bond of bodylife. I can just imagine their “ah-ha” moment as they heard this truth regarding pride and humility. Two very different men hearing the Father speaking to them the exact same truth. That’s when they really knew the Word was from God.


Peter was a “speak first and think later” personality. Gregarious and impatient, Peter struggled with an individualistic spirit. He got called out by the Father for misdirected zeal and made promises the night of the crucifixion that he couldn’t keep.


James, on the other hand, was a methodical nuts and bolts kinda-guy (just read this epistle!) He had a way of sorting through the situation and getting to a solution. He was so well respected by Peter, that Peter even got into trouble once for worrying too much about what James would think.


Yet despite their differences, Peter and James were united in their message.


This truth was no longer just a warm, fuzzy thought in the middle of a quiet-time. 


When they shared it with one another, it became a point of accountability


As long as God’s word remains just between you and Him, the evil one can always tempt you into thinking it wasn’t really from God after all. But, once you become vulnerable to share it with others, and truly listen to how the Lord is speaking to them, you are enlarged to hear more of God. 


And, wowza, if you find that He is speaking to others on the same issue, you realize He has just given your bodylife their game plan.


Do you really want to hear God speak to you?


You must get into a vital relationship with other believers


Do you want to know His plan for you?


Begin sharing what you think He is saying with others. 


Truth resonates among His called-out ones. 


It sure did with James and Peter.


So, tell me, what has the Lord been saying to you lately?