God’s Voice on Ebola

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lack of security

My dear child,


I have been watching you. Over the last several weeks, your time has been increasingly spent reading news articles on Ebola and allowing your anxiety level to rise. You watch the news, hear the reports and when your fear peaks, you turn to mindless internet sites instead of Me. Yet, who can change a situation by being anxious (Luke 12:25)?


Did you forget that you can throw all of your cares My way because I care deeply for you (1 Peter 5:7)?


You are already quite ill and I am concerned. Just as fever is a symptom of a sick body, anxiety is a symptom of a sick faith. You aren’t anxious because Ebola is a threat. You are anxious because you have stopped trusting Me. Be reminded that whatever is not from faith is sin (Romans 14:23). This lack of trust is why you are “full of anxiety”; it’s not the news (Psalm 38:18).

Stop for a moment and listen to My Words.

Come to Me. You are tired and have been carrying this long enough. I am the source of Your rest (Matthew 11:28). My desire is that you are free from concern, so take a deep breath and let Me loose the grip of choking worry from your heart (1 Corinthians 7:32; Matthew 13:22). Don’t be anxious for your life (Matthew 6:25). It’s mine now anyway, remember? Your life is in the best possible place, hidden inside of Me (Colossians 3:3).

I realize that you are unable to see where this is all going. But, I can. I am Your Shepherd and I’ve laid down My Life for you (John 10:11). Don’t just believe that I exist. Go on to believe that I will reward you with My best (Hebrews 11:6). Spend your free time seeking Me, not the latest news. Do this and I will make sure that everything you need is added to your account (Matthew 6:33).

You are precious to Me and I love you. Stop being afraid because I am with you (Isaiah 43:4-5). After all, it’s vain to worry. I give to you even while you are sleeping (Psalm 127:2). Lift up your eyes. I’ve got this. I’m your Keeper (Psalm 121:1,7). Trust.