For Your Obedience

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Have you ever noticed that we know far more than we obey?


We spend years storing away knowledge that we have yet to put into practice. Our heads are fuller than our actions display.


Granted just doing stuff for God can never make us holy. The whole purpose of the need for deeds is just to show us what sin actually looks like. 


But the true things of God are spiritually appraised, not learned. They are revealed, not taught. And when He speaks, we are to act – immediately.


What if we were to change our viewpoint of spending time with Him?


Rather than “let me hear from You”, what if our prayer became “create obedience within me to do what You have already told me”?


Sure, we need to see Him. Yet, what if the purpose of seeing was to be, rather than to know


Let’s say, for example, that the phrase “speaking the Truth in love” stuck out to you in someway. 


Well, instead of thinking – “hummmm….I should remember that”, what if we said, “He must be calling me to act on that today. There must be a situation arising today which will need careful speech. I need to watch for ways in the coming hours that I can speak out the truth in love.” 


Can you see the difference?


My husband, Mark, says that God doesn’t speak in FYI’s, but in FYO’s. Not “for our information”, but “for our obedience”. 


What has He been saying to you lately? It could be in the form of a verse fragment or even a line from a spiritual song. 


How can you act on His word to you immediately?


I would love to hear. 


Photo by Sara Jeng Grewar. Follow her on Instagram.