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Yesterday, we talked about this idea of perfection



It’s hard to know that perfection is expected of us and yet, we haven’t yet attained it, huh?



This is basically a problem of focus. As long as the center of our attention remains fixated upon ourselves, then this issue will continue to irritate us. 



Our attention stays riveted upon whatever is most valuable to us (Matthew 6:21). Almost goes without saying, huh?



But what if we began to value the resident Living Seed within us, as the very best part of ourselves? 




Seventeenth Century French Quietist Francois Fenelon said: “What I am ought certainly to be less precious to me that He by whom I am.”




Think about it. Wouldn’t that be an amazing way to live? Truly valuing the Pearl of Great Price far above all else (Matthew 13:45-46)….




Consider the following questions as you grapple with His value in your life:




  • What is the first thing that you think about when you awake in the morning? Do you direct your thoughts towards the Spirit or towards the duties of the day?





  •  How do you spend your free time? Turning your attention toward Him or toward your favorite social media?






  • When your speech is out of line or your conduct ungodly – do you run to Him for forgiveness or beat yourself up with scolding self-talk? 






You see, He is used to people that mess up. That’s His speciality. Don’t get so bent out of shape about yourself. Just keep turning your thoughts to the value of His continued forgiveness and move on. 





Claiming His Perfection for your own is the key to living a life of freedom. 





I bless you with the spirit of revelation in your soul.