First steps of Kingdom perspective

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This week, we’ve been grappling with worry and its cure: seeking the Kingdom (Matthew 6:33).




You realize that if you are one of the Kingdom kids, then you have the innate ability to understand Kingdom mysteries (Matthew 13:11). 




It’s a given. The ability to discern is yours. It comes with your adoption papers.





But just because you have the right to something, doesn’t mean that you necessarily activate the advantage. I have legs, but it doesn’t mean that I can do the splits. That would take training and desire.




Seeing His Kingdom and His Righteousness also takes practice and aspiration (Hebrews 5:13-14). 




If you have only been using the vantage point of your physical eyes for the last 20 years,

you can’t expect to begin to see things spiritually in the next five minutes. 




The first step is to desire to see the One who is spiritual (1 Chronicles 22:19). We have to really want it. 




Has seeing into the heavenlies even been on your radar lately?




If not, stop for a moment and ask Him to forgive your oversight. He will not only grant clarity to your spiritual eyes, He will also change your desires to want it (Philippians 2:13). 




Ask God to bend your heart in His direction (Psalm 119:36). 




We, like Martha, (Luke 10:40) are so easily distracted (Psalm 55:2). 






There is something within me that wants to see life from Your vantage point.




Granted, if You were to separate all of my thoughts into a spiritual category and a physical one – I know for certain that the fleshly side would win.  I’m really ashamed to admit that. Would you forgive me? 




Guiding us into the spiritual is one of the Holy Spirit’s main jobs, isn’t it? He guides us into all Truth (John 16:13) and sets our minds upon that which is spiritual (Romans 8:4-6), right?




I’m sick of worrying about the details of minutia. The Spirit Life is way bigger than that, and I want to be expanded to live with Your final reality in view (Psalm 119:32).  Open my spiritual eyes that I may see the wonder of Your Truth (Psalm 119:18). I’m gonna wait for You on this one. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.