Filling In the Gaps

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Holy Father,


Thank You for giving me the ears to hear Your Word and for speaking to me, Spirit to spirit (John 8:47; Rom. 8:16). You have warned me that I should be careful what I listen to (Mark 4:24), but I confess that often, I am too busy listening to the clamor of the world rather than to Your still small voice (1 Kings 19:12–13). Please forgive me. 


For so long, I’ve read Your Word depending on my emotions to speak more than You. I felt if my heart trembled, I had done something right. But if I didn’t feel a special tug, I figured I had done something wrong. Forgive me for thinking that my connection with You depends on how I feel. 


As I place my hand on a copy of Your written Word, I recognize that this print version gives voice to You, who are the living version. With You in my spirit and the printed Word in my lap, You desire to fill every space in-between. As I read the written Word, I am giving You permission to speak. 


I desire to tune into You, so that despite what goes on around me, I can always know Your promised peace (John 16:33). Give me the patience to wait on You, so that the song within me will spring forth (Ps. 40:1–3). Praise You for all that You have already done for me. No one compares to You (2 Sam. 7:22). In Jesus’ name, Amen.


(Except taken from Chapter 4, Hungry For More: Feasting through the Word)