Fear of the Future

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Holy Father,

While the world seems to spin out of control, we purposefully quiet our hearts before You, our supreme King. As we pause, we remember that all governments are on Your shoulders, including those hostile to Truth (Isaiah 9:6). You are the conclusive authority over every kingdom of the earth (Isaiah 37:16). Despite evil’s flex of muscle, every dominion is ultimately Yours. You, O God, are at the pinnacle of universal power (1 Chronicles 29:11). “Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and Your dominion endures throughout all generations” (Psalm 145:13). Hallelujah! We praise Your Name. Indeed, there is none like You (Jeremiah 10:6). 

Although the rulers of the earth counsel together against all that is righteous and just, You see their actions and laugh at them (Psalm 2:2,4). They do not realize that You can turn their hearts as quickly as a culvert turns water. Their whims are putty in Your hands (Proverbs 21:1). You foresaw this day, and they cannot thwart Your purposes (Job 42:2). You’ve inaugurated Jesus as King over all and made His reign eternal (Psalm 2:6; Revelation 11:15). Hallelujah!

As we pray for nations in turmoil, we do so with passion as never before. Violence embroils our own government. We visualize these countries (US, China, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and others) and carry each before Your throne (Hebrews 4:16). We are powerless to deal with this great evil as mere humans, but then we remember, there is You. So, we turn our eyes upward, praising while we await Your intervention (2 Chronicles 20:12,20). 

May Your will be done in every one of these countries and among their political factions. May Your Kingdom displace every lofty rule that has been raised against knowing You (Matthew 6:10; 2 Corinthians 10:4-5). Light always overpowers and then replaces darkness (John 1:5). Hallelujah.

Marginalize the darkness, Father, by fragmenting it into small particles of its present glory. Send forth bolts of Your lightning to rout every violent foe (2 Samuel 22:15). Dispatch a rescue for Your people from their strong enemies by disintegrating the evil armor (2 Samuel 22:17-18; Luke 11:22). 

Raise an aerial antenna of intercession from the hearts of Your people worldwide. Like individual transmission towers tuned to Kingdom frequencies, may our prayers loom lofty above the noise of the world. As we humble ourselves, enlarge our influence, and strengthen our resolve to hear from You alone (2 Chronicles 7:14: Isaiah 54:2). 

Encourage us to grow upward to receive more wavebands of Your truth. May the heart of every believer be rooted firmly in Your Word as their life. Jesus is the Word, and His Word is our life (Colossians 3:4; John 1:1,4). Even so, Lord Jesus come.