Exposure to the Son

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My son-in-law was born with a slight case of jaundice. Of course, I didn’t know him at the time, but you find out these things as you spend time with the “in-laws”. 


Annette tells me that the hospital allowed them to come home, but that Matt was on a strict regimen of daily sunshine. Evidently, they were to put him in the light by the window and even make sure he was turned every few hours. Within about a week, his jaundice cleared and he was pronounced a healthy baby with a healthy liver. 


Amazing what light will do, huh?


I can’t help but think that there is a correlation here between jaundiced babies and those who are spiritually weak. 


Just as a Bili baby must stay in the light to break down the bilirubin built up in his system, coming into God’s light breaks down self-righteousness and sin (John 3:21). 


Although we think we are masters at hiding those places, God’s light specializes in shining in our dark places (John 1:5). He can enlighten even the darkest, most hurtful memories or fears (John 1:9).


For some reason, we tend to be extremely timid about being exposed. But part of our enlightenment must be to realize that Light-avoiders are called evil by Jesus (John 3:20). (Yikes, that’s not what I was going for!)


Instead, let’s make it our prayer practice to regularly come before His Light,

asking that He expose whatever He may find in our hidden places. 


What are those places in you?


Is it a real dislike for a fellow believer?


  • Invite His Bili Light to stream onto this attitude. Ask Him to show you the source and heal you from that attitude (1 John 2:9)



Is it a memory of rejection that has forced you to look out for Number One?


  • Look into the Light of His Presence that says, “Even though father, mother, spouse or friend forsake you, I never will.” (Psalm 27:10; Isaiah 62:4; Proverbs 18:24)



Is it a deep fear of the future or of aging?


  • Warm yourself in His promise of always being the same, even into those “greying years.” (Isaiah 46:4; Hebrews 13:8)



I found it interesting that jaundice in babies can lead to deafness in extreme cases. Couldn’t that be said of staying out of God’s Light as well? 



As you pray today, ask the Father to spill His Light into your dark, hidden places. Then relax and know your healing has already begun. 



Now, spend some time asking the same for those around you. Ask that He deliver their emotions and thoughts from stumbling in darkness, so that they may walk in the Light of the Living One (Psalm 56:13).



So, how you are praying?