Explosive Energy

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The Father keeps bringing me back to this idea of “dynamis” or power. Remember our discussion about it on Monday?


All day yesterday, He kept refreshing me with Philippians 4:13. You know the verse:


“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”


Well, guess what?


Here again is this idea of the dynamite power. Let’s do a truth meditation on this verse. I’ll supply you with the Greek meanings of significant words and let’s allow the truth to wash over us.



I can do – (Greek: “ischyo”) – to have strength to overcome, to be able; in the indicative mood meaning a simple statement of fact


All things – (Greek: “pas”) – both collectively or individually; each, every, any, all, the whole, everything


Through – (Greek: “en”) – a preposition denoting a fixed position and (by implication) instrumentality; i.e. A relation of rest


Christ – (Greek: “Christos”) – the anointed, Son of God


Strengthens – (Greek: “endynamoo”) – to be endued with strength, to receive strength; participle mood reflecting “-ing” or “-ed” form. From two root words: “en” (you saw this above; the preposition of rest) + “dynamoo” (a derivative of the word “dynamis” we looked at on Monday – that dynamo of power).


So here it is in black and white. I have the strength to overcome whatever comes my way today – large or small – from the tiniest whim to the mega wave. How? Because I am resting in a Power far greater than me. Implanted into my spirit is His own Explosive Energy. The Power that dynamited out of death can surely take on my problems. 


Makes me look at that annoying personality at work a little differently, huh? Or the mounds of laundry on the floor. Or even the relationship with the wayward child…


Take a deep breath. Offer Him a simple prayer for the situations that need a bit of dynamo. Then, relax into both the Solution and the Source. I’m praying for you.