Equipped to Hear

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How often do you use your ears? 


Every day, right?


Even if you live alone, you have the occasion daily to hear street noise, television, or the hum of the fridge. 


Our ears remain on constant alert.


But for some reason, we don’t expect the same from our spiritual ears. If our pastor grants us a God-given message once a week, we seem to leave quite satisfied.


Friends, there is something fundamentally wrong with these low expectations. 


Granted, a voice has to be sent in order for our spiritual ears to initially perceive Truth (Romans 10:14). But, let’s not stay content with this infant’s addiction to listening only to others (Hebrews 6:1). 


You too have been equipped to hear the Voice of God (John 16:13-15). 


Let’s do a truth mediation on Romans 10:17. It’s the perfect method and verse on this topic of hearing. With the Greek helps listed below, use your own words to write a sentence or two that brings the Truth home to you personally.


Got your pen? 


“So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the Word of Christ.” 


“Faith” – Greek noun: pistis“conviction of the truth;” from a root verb, peitho meaning “to persuade.”


“Comes from” – Greek preposition: ek“denoting the origin out of which this action comes.”  


“Hearing” – Greek noun: akoe – “the thing heard”; can also mean “the organ of hearing” or even “the ear itself.”


“By” – Greek preposition: dia“denoting the channel of the action; the reason something is done.” 


“Word” – Greek noun: rhema“the thing spoken by a living voice.”


“God” – Greek noun: theos “the Godhead, Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).” 


Okay, spend a few moments putting together your truth mediation. Compile what you heard Him say about this Truth into words you can think on.


What did you hear?


Here is what I came up with:


“Being persuaded by Truth originates in what my spiritual ears hear. That is where faith must start. I have to hear before I can believe. But to truly grow my faith, Who I listen to is of supreme importance. (Just listening to another preacher, as good as that may seem, is not the source of a strong faith). No, my listening ear must be tuned into the right frequency – the correct channel in order to please God (Hebrews 11:6). My faith must zone into the One and Only Living Voice of God.” 


The Word of God, standing as the final authoritative Truth of all time (Psalm 119:160), uses the spiritual stream of hearing with which to overflow His Life into ours. As hearing puddles into a fertile pond of understanding, the water-lily of faith spontaneously shoots up her flowery tendril of life. We can’t help faithing when we have taken the time to hear His voice. 


So, what are you hearing today?