Entering His Presence

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Thank You for Your mysterious wisdom. All along, You have been storing up wonders greater than anything that we can think or imagine. Your gifts to us aren’t necessarily things that we can see, but are way better than that. 


Indeed, Your lavish present is sourced from the depth of Your heart – Your very Spirit. By pouring out Your Innermost Self into ours, we find that our innermost begin expands to encompass infinity. It’s really too much for us to really comprehend. 


“We have the mind of Christ.” How can this be? How can You entrust us with such treasure? And yet, all that You told Your Son, You are now willing to impart to us. 


Remodel our hearts, Lord. Make us vessels that fit readily into Your Hand, O King.  Enable us to be satisfied with the filling as well as the emptying. So be it.