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A valuable commodity, wouldn’t you say?


Especially when you feel in short supply.


I’ve found there are two types of energy:


Self-energy and Spiritual-energy.


Self-energy can be contrived, like when you brace yourself to do something that you really don’t want to do. Or it can be simply fleshly – stemming from pleasing self. Either way, it doesn’t amount to anything.


Spiritual energy is supernatural and sources only from the Holy Spirit.




See; look at Colossians 1:29 with me.


“And for this purpose also I labor, striving according to His power, which mightily works with me”. 


Let’s highlight some of the words here for a glimpse of Truth.


“labor” – (Greek: “kopiao”) – a verb meaning to labor with wearisome effort, resulting in exhaustion.


“striving” – (Greek: “agonizomai”) – a verb meaning to enter a contest like the gymnastic games; here, it is a metaphor meaning to struggle with difficulties and dangers.


“according to” – (Greek: “kata”) – a preposition denoting diffusion from the higher to the lower.


“power” – (Greek: “energeia”) – a noun denoting efficiency; in the New Testament, it speaks specially of superhuman power.


“which mightily” – (Greek: “en” + “dynamis”) – “en” -a prepositional phrase denoting a relation of rest in, by, or with  + “dynamis” – a noun meaning inherent power or power residing in something by virtue of its nature.


“works” – (Greek: “energeo”) – to show one’s self operative 


“within” – (Greek: “en”) -a prepositional phrase denoting a relation of rest in, by, or with 


The purpose is to present every disciple complete in Christ. So with this in mind, we keep up the exhausting work which often includes difficult struggle. 


Although our bodies gets worn out, tired and weary, our spirits can go on


Because resting in residence within me is the efficient power of the Superhuman Life. It’s not my own energy you see, but the very Energy of Christ flowing down to me from the Higher Source. 


The Spirit’s Energy isn’t only able to complete the task He begins in me. He does so efficiently. 100% of His energy expense flows into results.


In other words, He doesn’t waste His Energy. He uses everything that comes our way for a particular purpose. You are being trained in righteousness. Jesus went through His earthly training. Now, it is our turn. 


But accessing the Spirit’s Energy doesn’t necessarily mean that our bodies will feel “vivaciously virile with vim and vigor”. 


You can walk in the Spirit and still be pretty tuckered out.


Remember, “power is perfected in weakness”.


So, don’t be discouraged in spirit, dear one, about a lack of feeling spiritually energized. This might be the very best place from which He can use you.


Where does most of your energy come from?