Drop Your Bucket

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Picture a local lake. It’s a nice sized lake; big enough for boating, but small enough to drive around in about an hour. 


Now imagine a group of local fishermen. They work off this lake, providing fresh fish to the restaurants and seafood shops along its banks.  These guys grew up fishing with their dads and have been on these waters every day for most of their lives. 


Sometime before dark, they started home from a meeting on the other side of the lake. “When it was evening….the boat was already many stadia away from the land” (Matthew 14:23-24). 


These guys should have made the trip within 2 hours.


In fact, they probably assumed to be in bed before midnight. 



But, into the wee hours of the morning, they were still fighting a storm. Tired and exhausted, the sea tormented them. Each pick up a bucket and begin to bail water. To top it off, they see a “ghost”: a sure premonition that at least one of them was going to die that night. 


Do you ever feel that either your thoughts or your emotions are screeching with tsunami force?  


It happens to me quite often.


But, I’ve discovered that I have to look up from bailing water before I have any hope of standing on it. 


We aren’t told who was the first to notice the glowing Image on the water. 


But Peter was the one that took the time to drop his bucket and cry out to Him.


We need to do the same.


Drop the bucket and look up. 


Think about it. The Sea of Galilee was about 13 miles long and 8 miles wide. On a black, stormy night Jesus could have easily avoided the disciples boat. It was pitch black with gale force winds. 


Yet, it turns out that Jesus probably went to quite a bit of trouble to get within both their view and earshot.


As you read this, know that He has walked right next to your own tossing boat.


You, too, need to drop the bucket and look up.


Jesus, I can barely hear You for the deafening sound of my own doubts drumming in my ears. Are you really here? Is this mirage really You?


I’ve been struggling to keep afloat, but worry and responsibilities are coming into my life faster than I can bail them out. 


Help me realize that I can’t do this on my own any longer. Give me the faith to straighten up and look You in the Eye. I desperately need to believe You’ve made the detour on my behalf. 


Grant me spiritual vision to recognize You. 


In Jesus’ Name, Amen.