“Don’t worry about it”

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How many times have you heard that?


How many times have you done it?


Actually, this is one of the few Biblical phrases in our English language that is still widely used


You might recognize it from the pages of your grandmother’s King James version as “be anxious for nothing.” They basically mean the same thing.


Probably one of the more frequently quoted of Paul’s verses, Philippians 4:6 starts with just two Greek words: “Merimnao medeis.”


Let’s start the discussion on worry here, with this word.


“Merimnao.” Yes, the meaning has to do with to be anxious or troubles with cares. You know, basically worried.


But, looking at the root makes it much more interesting.


Merinmnao is from the root word “merimna” meaning to be drawn in different directions. In English, we might sum it up in the word “distracted”. 


I have to admit, that about sums up my life. What about you? 


Between texting, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and steaming video, we leave little time for un-entertained moments in our lives. In our effort to find “decent” things to occupy our time, we are feeding our minds with the very protein needed for worry. 


And then there are the daily tasks that seem never completed. Not only is there plenty to do, we aren’t quite sure how some of it is going to work out at all.


Anxiety is birthed by being pulled in too many directions. 


Don’t believe me?


Okay, I’ll let Jesus tell you. Just fill in the blank with your own name.


“__________, ___________, you are worried and bothered about so many things; but only a few things are necessary, really only one…” (Luke 10:41-42).


Hit a nerve? (Yeah, me too.)


So what is the solution? 


Let’s learn from Mary on this one.


Practice listening to the Lord’s Word while seated at His feet (Luke 10:39).


Father, help me to find Your feet. I really want to hear from You from the proper perspective.


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