Do You Feel Inadequate?

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My precious child,


Are you okay? Are you feeling like the least in My Kingdom? 


It’s okay. I knew this would come up. Thinking of you, I’ve already addressed this issue. 


“The one who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he…” (Matthew 11:11). Remember who I was speaking of?


John the Baptist. 


John was a fiery evangelist and especially set apart by Me (John 1:6). He was chosen as My fore-runner in the Kingdom and was martyred because of his testimony (John 1:23; 14:1-12). Truly, no one born of women was greater than John.


But, that’s the very thing that sets you apart. You weren’t only born of a woman. You were also born of the Spirit (John 3:6). John baptized his disciples in water (John 1:26). I have bathed you in My Spirit (John 1:33).


Think about John the Baptist for a moment. I testified that he was the greatest man alive.  He had preached the gospel, baptized Me personally and even went to prison on behalf of what was right (Matthew 3:13-17). 


And yet, even John had his doubts. There in prison, with plenty of time to think, John the Baptist needed to be reassured. Although I praised him freely, he was real. He was human. 


In his dark hour of imprisonment, this great man, who was eye-witness to the Spirit’s descent, needed encouragement (John 1:32; Matthew 11:2). “Are You the Expected One?” John had wondered (Matthew 11:3). Even he had inconsistencies and weaknesses. You feel that way sometimes, too, huh?


Know that in your inadequacies, you can bring Me your questions. Ask them plainly and clearly and I will answer with gentleness – just as I did with John. 


“Go and think about what you have seen and heard” (Matthew 11:4). 


Are you in a dark place? How easily trials can shade Your view of Me. Think back to the times in the past that you knew My Presence. Goodness and Mercy are still following you, My child (Psalm 23:6). They are just not presently in your line of sight. 


Are you struggling? How quickly the mundane causes you to despair. Just because I’m not using you right now doesn’t mean that I’m not at work. Look for Me in the lives of others around you.  Ask them about Me. What are they hearing? How do they know? What encourages their faith? Rejoice in their victories, for they are one body with you (1 Corinthians 12:20). 


Are you unsettled in mind or emotions? Impatience stirs you into wrong assumptions about My purposes.  Disappointment and adversity often brings out questions. 


But be encouraged. I didn’t censure John for his questions. There is a difference between doubting My Character and being unclear about what’s next. Your heart attitude tells me clearly of your true motives. Lack of faith goes to elsewhere for answers. The faithful one with questions comes to Me (John 3:20-21). 


Draw near to Me, my dear child, and let’s talk it over (Isaiah 1:18).