Difficulties in Seeing Him

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Sometimes, despite seeing Him clearly one day, I awaken the following day with resistance in my soul


My emotions feel kinda like a 2-year-old who, once told to do something, stares and stiffens his legs against the action.


You know the child understands the request made of him. He has just decided not to do it.


My soul’s mind and emotions have the same problem. 


I’ve learned that just because I don’t feel obedient doesn’t mean God hasn’t made me obedient from the heart.



I’ve found it best to remember that my life, including my emotions and thoughts, are hidden with Christ in God.


“And He (God) put all things in subjection under His feet.” (Ephesians 1:22).


The word “subjection” was used frequently in the Greek military. It means “to arrange (troop divisions) under the command of a leader.” 


“All things” would include our apathetic thoughts and raging emotions.


Christ has already put our hesitancy, or our harshness; our hysteria or our hopelessness – all in perfect order underneath His leadership. 


If we truly believe that He is above all “rule and authority and power and dominion”, then why do we have such a hard time thinking (and feeling) that He can reign in our soul? 


Ask the Father to give you spiritual eyes to see your soulish disturbances as He does. Not making any more of them, nor any less.


I have found that when I submit my roguish thoughts and feelings to Him, the following day I awaken with a renewed sense of willingness.


After all, “It is your purpose God looks at, not your feelings about that purpose.  And your purpose or will is therefore the only thing you need to consider.”  Hannah Whitall Smith 


What practical ways do you use to submit your soul to Him?