Cooper’s Prayer

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Did you catch little Cooper’s prayer? “God, God, God. Amen!” Parents Marshall and Kim Embry are using the basics to teach their 2-year-old to pray: a stilled heart and a focus upon God.

Knowing this family personally, I warmed to see Cooper’s prayer. Jesus too appreciated such simplicity when He said, “Let the children alone, don’t prevent them from coming to me. God’s kingdom is made up of people like these” (Matthew 19:14, The Message).

When I saw Cooper pray for the first time, his directness reminded me of John Hyde, a prayer warrior of the early 1900s. As an American missionary to India, Hyde believed in a stilled heart and a focus upon the One to Whom he prayed. In his testimony below, evangelist Wilbur Chapman tells of his encounter with “Praying Hyde.”

“At one of our missions in England, the audiences were exceedingly small. But I received a note saying that an American missionary “was going to pray God’s blessing down upon our work.” He was known as ‘Praying Hyde.’ Almost instantly, the tide turned. The hall became packed, and at my first invitation, fifty men accepted Christ as their Savior. As we were leaving, I said, ‘Mr. Hyde, I want you to pray for me.’ He came to my room, turned the key in the door, and dropped on his knees, and waited five minutes without a single syllable coming from his lips. I could hear my own heart thumping and his beating. I felt the hot tears running down my face. I knew I was with God. Then, with upturned face, down which the tears were streaming, he said, ‘O God!’ Then for five minutes at least he was still again; and then, when he knew that he was talking with God … there came up from the depth of his heart such petitions for men as I had never heard before. I rose from my knees to know what real prayer was. We believe that prayer is mighty, and we believe it as we never did before.”

Like Praying Hyde, may our prayer life depend upon seeking God before we rush to speak. “Do not be hasty in word or impulsive in thought to bring up a matter in the presence of God. For God is in heaven and you are on earth; therefore let your words be few” (Ecclesiastes 5:2). And like little Cooper, may we turn our focus upon the Father with simplicity and joy.

Prayer is not confusing or complex. It begins with the preschool child as it starts with the seasoned intercessor: “Oh God….God….God.” May we begin and end prayer with Him in view.