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Christmastime is a good occasion to “be still and know” just Who is in charge.


Despite our seasonal moments of quiet and joy, there are inevitable times of pettiness and selfishness. It seems that the expectation and busyness of the holidays squeeze reality out of us. And too often that includes our impurities


After 50-plus Christmases, I’m much less embarrassed by “me” than I used to be. I’m gradually coming to see that trying to look better than I really am isn’t spiritual after all


Being perfect lies in His realm, not within my own. 


When I get ruffled with holiday responsibilities, He continues to call me back to resting in worship


I love how The Message puts it:


Don’t burn out; keep yourselves fueled and aflame.” Romans 12:11

Our fuel must source out of His Burning Light, not our own. 


When you have even the briefest reminder of Him, know that is His voice. Whiffs of memory is His way to call your thoughts toward Him in His powerful quiet way. Make it a practice to jump up and run to Him when you remember His Presence.  


You can do this in all kinds of ways:


Download “The Message” version of the New Testament on your phone and listen in.


Write out things you are thankful for instead of checking your social network.


Glance over important verses you stash in your pocket.


Better yet, ask Him how you can best respond.


Jesus made a habit of turning back to His Father. Follow His example


After all, walking toward a little bit of light is the way to find even more (Psalm 36:9). 


ShhhhBe still and remember Who started this whole holiday in the first place.