Christmas in Taiwan

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This one is best when you have the tune to Julie Andrew’s “My Favorite Things” in your head.



Santa with pandas and reindeer on ramen
Plastic poinsettias and breakfast of salmon
Clerks dressed like elves in their red and green bling
Christmas in Taiwan, a favorite thing.


Mock snow on windows and shiny foil displays
Fake trees of purple and shrimp spread with mayonnaise
“Jingle Bells” sang with a “Ding ding dang” ding
Christmas in Taiwan, a favorite thing.


Taiwanese hair wash with peppermint shampoo
Love Story’s Theme calls you bid trash an adieu
Flats of strawberries and vendors of wings
Christmas in Taiwan, a favorite thing.


Piercing fireworks, KTV sings
When my ears hurt bad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so sad.



Love this photo, sent to me from dear friends Ron and Elinda West. Our families have spent many holidays together over the years. Ron and Elinda are back in Taiwan this year and spending Christmas with two of their grandchildren. Trust me….there is nothing quite like celebrating Christmas in short-sleeves with paper snow and santa hats.