Brokenness: His Pathway to Healing

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God’s sustaining strength showing up in extreme weakness”. 



That’s kinda been our theme over the last couple of weeks, huh? 



Today, another faith walker shares her story. 



Teesa Klear is well acquainted with words like febrile seizures, Brugada syndrome and internal defibrillators. But she has allowed all all of these things to lead her straight into the Father.



After reading Tessa’s post today, you are gonna want to know more. Check out Teesa’s own blog.





“Our beautiful son was born to us in Hong Kong.  Sam was never sick, and in the first 10 months of his life, our worst difficulties were what to feed him and how to get him on a sleeping routine, especially after we returned to the states.



“One morning though, during a high fever, Sam had a seizure.  



“As I screamed over his body, watching his tiny lips turn dark blue, my husband called 911.  



“Panicked, I begged my son not to die. EMT workers peeled his tiny body from me to revive him.



“Later that night, once all three of us had returned home, Sam seized again.  EMT workers once again surrounded his body.  He vomited, and I watched helplessly as his little lips returned to that horrible shade of blue.  



“I had no control over the situation.  No amount of begging my son stopped what God was allowing.  I did not know that this particular trial would prove to be one of the longest trials of my life.  



“And yet, the Lord was working, as always, to allow Christ to be magnified through me, my husband and, yes, even our son.



“Days later, we still had only a sketchy diagnosis. “Heart related”, they said. 



“Over and over again, I prayed to the Lord: “God, please don’t let him die – take me.  He’s my only son.” 



“With words that could never have come from me, God spoke to my heart:



You’ll know Me better through this.” He said. “I too gave up my only Son.”



“I didn’t want to give my son away, and I knew that if I did, I wouldn’t be a whole person without him.  



“But something amazing happened. I broke that night.  My spirit, my heart – you name it.  I was humbled to know that the Lord would choose me for this journey.  



Sam is yours; take him if You choose.” 



“And somehow, those spots in my spirit…the brokenness that ripped my heart from my chest…they were reshaped and held together by the Hands that created my heart to begin with.  



“Not made weaker where He touched it, but made whole and stronger.  



“His power was perfected in my weakness that night and has continued every day since.  My weaknesses have also continued. I have to admit that’s also included more begging and pleading, but I know that the Lord is completing His power in me – a weak creature who wholly depends on Him for everything.  



“He is my Creator, my Savior, my Helper and I long for nothing but Him, despite getting off-track many days.  I may not be “prepared” for tomorrow, but He is.



“With His guidance and strength, Christ will be magnified in my life.”




The Klear Family with Teesa, holding Sam.





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