Broken and Torn

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You might say it started with a severed ear. 

With a rush to colonize the West Indies, strained relationships between Britain and Spain escalated over the fight for resources in the area. During a routine trade journey near Jamaica, the British ship Rebecca was halted by a Spanish coast guard. Spanish soldiers demanded boarding rights on the British brig, claiming a need to search for contraband. 

Words were exchanged and challenges made, resulting in one of the Spanish sailors lopping off the ear of British Captain Robert Jenkins. The Spanish Lieutenant Dorce handed the piece of ear back to Jenkins, challenging him to show it to Britain’s King, warning him to stay away from the region. 

The affront and action did travel back to King George. Jenkins was called to testify in a court of law regarding Spanish threats where he produced the ear as evidence. A nine-year war resulted with Spain, a segment of which is now known as the “War of Jenkins’ Ear.”

Wouldn’t you say we’ve seen a lot of ear-lopping lately? Affronts to our values, comfort, and way of life are sliced all around us. Wounded pieces of marriages and families are held in our faces as a defiant enemy refuses to back down. We stand silently outraged on the blood-spattered deck of the ship, but remain fearful and uncertain of what to do next.

Fellow Kingdom citizens! There is hope for we belong to a Kingdom which cannot be shaken (Hebrews 12:28). More compassionate than King George, our Realm hears the cries of its constituents. We have a King of justice, truth, and righteousness Who fights for us with passion and wisdom.

But our monarch is not only our sovereign, but also our Father. Think of it. Our adoption was initiated and achieved because He deeply wanted us. We have a connection with this Father King that Captain Robert Jenkins could never experience with his potentate. 

When we come before God with our broken pieces, His stirring isn’t merely because of political injustice. Our severed hearts affect Him personally, plucking at His Heart Strings to arouse emotions of His tenderest care and compassionate comfort. 

Here then is how we beseech our God. Not with eloquent rhetoric or well-ordered words, but with a heart full of tear-washed, shriveled pieces. We simply hold up our brokenness in His Presence and know His loving justice will take care of the rest. Even so Lord Jesus, come.

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Oh My Sovereign, Thee I come to
Bringing all my fear and pain.
Life has pierced me, till I’m wounded.
See my heart, now split in twain.

Oh My Sovereign, rise with justice
Flying swiftly come defend.
Vindicate this adversary;
Grant me aid, this wrong transcend.

Oh my subject, thee I’ve heeded.
I have noticed this offense. 
Do not fear, your King is with you
Ever standing for defense.

Oh My Father, Thee I come to.
You have known me from my birth.
You have seen my every heartache,
Brokenness, and shattered worth.

Oh My Father, Thou Who loves me.
Grieved, I know not what to say.
Silent now, I lift the fragments,
Bleeding still, I cannot pray.

Oh my daughter, come now near Me.
How I long to hold you nigh.
Bring the severed pain you’re clutching
Let Me dry your tear-filled eye.

Oh my daughter, I’m your Healer, 
I renew what’s torn apart.
Silent now, I take your fragments
And restore your broken heart.

Father Sovereign, You are greater
Than my dripping, bleeding mess.

Enter now into My solace;
Cease the questions. Be at rest.

He heals the brokenhearted, and binds up their wounds” (Psalm 147:3).