Both the Strength and Weakness of Waiting

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I met today’s faith walker when she was a single career missionary in Taiwan. In 1998, Sharon Williams left her position in Taiwan to return to the states to become Mrs. Abe Martinez. 



Fast forward a few years and I hear that Abe and Sharon are headed to Thailand with their two sons. Yet not all works together as they had expected….



Grab a cup of coffee and listen as Sharon Martinez describes how His strength is currently working daily in a very present weakness. 






“When we first learned that the cancer was back, it was like our lives came to a grinding halt.  You could almost hear the gears complaining as the emergency brakes were applied.  



“We were barely in to our second year of a three-year term as International Service Corp missionaries in Thailand.  We were truly beginning to find our place there and delving in to new ministry opportunities.  All of that changed in a flash.  



“In six short weeks, I was diagnosed, had surgery, packed up, said goodbyes, and found ourselves back on American soil.  Two months later, I was in a treatment room at Duke Cancer Center getting an experimental drug pumped in to my body.  



“It has almost been one year since we left Thailand, and I am still technically “cancer free” with three more treatments to go.



“While my cancer was the cause of the upheaval in our lives, that is not the place where I have found myself weak.  



“My current weakness is in waiting for our lives to restart.  My husband has been diligently seeking work for over seven months, but that door has not been opened; there’s not even a crack.  



“We’ve been in a holding pattern that I’m uncomfortable with.  How do I get involved when I don’t know if we’ll still be where we are a month from now?  How do I live life in a temporary mode?  How do I get out of the way so His power can shine forth right now? 



“‘My grace is sufficient’….that word grace has the context of joy, favor, acceptance… a kindness granted.  The fact that He finds joy and favor over me is sufficientor at least should be, right?.  He accepts me and extends His kindness to me.  What more could I desire?  When I learn to accept this, then His power can find it’s goal: completeness and perfection – deep down in my weakness.  That, however, is a life-long pursuit and process.



“All I know to do is to hold on to His grace, His joy and His favor over me. I pray that somehow, His power will find its goal in my weakness.  



“Psalm 73:28 says, “But as for me, the nearness of God is my good; I have made the Lord God my refuge, SO THAT I may tell of all Thy works.”  God has been and is working in our lives.  He has provided financially – has provided housing – has provided us with a car.  He has blessed us with boys who roll with the punches and keep on going.  I know there will come a day when I can tell of all His works through this time.  



Until then, His grace is sufficient.”





What did the Father say to you today, dear reader?