Blessed and Broken

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As we continue to look at parenting principles, let’s turn our attention onto a little boy who took a meager meal with him before a heading out for his day.


We don’t know his name, but most of us have heard his story ever since our childhood.


His character is tucked into the story of the feeding of the 5000.


All four Gospels depict this incident, but only one author, John, mentions this lad.


You’re familiar with the story. 


A crowd of people had followed Jesus and his disciples to hear Him speak. As the day waned, the disciples themselves got hungry and wanted to disband the meeting, so they  could go get something to eat.


Yet Jesus challenged them to find the meal amidst their own resources


Their only option was in the hands of an ordinary child.


Now having raised two daughters, Mark and I have been through the gamut of highs and lows.


We’ve endured potty-training and post-natal depression; picky-eaters and pre-menstrual bloating; make-up and break-ups; shake-ups and attitudes. 


Needless to say, this listing didn’t make either mine or Maria Von Trapp’s “favorite things”.


But, remember talking a couple of weeks ago about the reason for our limitations


This is the same reason that only five loaves and two fish showed up for the picnic. 


So the disciples would seek Him.


Delivered by the grimy hands of our children, daily annoyances are the carefully packed lunch provided for us by our Father.


Every child, whether submissive or rebellious, energetic or lethargic, driven or passive, comes with a built-in sack of experiences. 


Day after day, most of these aggravations will just seem dry and crusty to taste. Others may seem to be more full of bones than valuable for nutrition.


Yet as we daily bring these experiences to our Lord, He will both bless and break them to be abundant resources for all involved. 


These irritants are the very sustenance the Lord knows that we need to grow in Him. 


The incidents of everyday living help build up our stamina for character and endurance.


And you know, “you have need of endurance”.


So, whether today is full of tantrums or tedium, release them into His Hands to dedicate and distribute. 


After all, they were hand-packed just for you.


So, tell me, what’s in your lunch pail?