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I recently had a book review published for the Arkansas Baptist News. I thought that you might enjoy reading the article. Thanks, LaVeta for your submission.


‘Hungry for More’

DateThursday, November 15, 2012 at 7:33PM

Book Review by
LaVeta Sergeant

Kandy Persall and her husband Mark spent a total of 20 years in Asia. My husband Bill and

I were privileged to work several years in Taiwan with them.


Each chapter of Persall’s book, “Hungry for More: Feasting through the Word,” has a

Bible-reading assignment followed by anecdotes taken from her diary during her time in Taiwan.

Devotional thoughts are given on certain topics related to God’s Word, and the chapter ends with

an appropriate prayer.

Some of the 28 chapter titles include” The Life in the Word,” “The Revelation of the Word,”

“The Provision of the Word,” “Viewing Others through the Word,” “Discernment of the Word,”

“Waiting on the Word” and “Purification and the Word.”


To get the full benefit of these studies, one must have a Bible in hand, for there are many verses

referred to in each chapter. I teach a Bible study on Sunday mornings, and when I have to be gone,

I have my substitute teach one of the chapters of “Hungry for More.”


Persall has said, “My heart for the book is twofold. First that it will find its way into the hands

of everyone who is ‘Hungry for More,’ and secondly, that it will create a deep hunger for His Spirit

in the multitudes of those that don’t have a spiritual hunger yet.”


Persall continues to struggle with what little bites we Americans take when we open the Bible, and

prays that “Hungry for More” will increase the appetite of many.