An Intercession Template

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Struggling with how to intercede? Print this one out to pray over your loved ones:




Holy Father,


Thank You for being available to hear us (Psalm 65:2).  We thank You as well for sending Your Son as a bridge so that we can experience You.  


As I come before You on behalf of _________, I thank You that I may use Your Name as the signature on my requests.  You have promised that anything that I ask according to Your will will be granted (1 John 5:14-15).  So, I seek to claim the promises that You for _________ that You have already stored up for her.


Create within her the desire to know You.  Often, because of distractions in our daily life, we don’t truly desire You.  So, make ________ willing to be willing – change her desire so that she will truly hunger and thirst for Your righteousness (Matthew 5:6).


In Your Name, protect she and her family from the evil one – binding the same things in their experience as You have already bound in heaven (Matthew 18.18).  I know that Your Word is forever settled in heaven (Psalm 119:89).  Forever settle it in their hearts as well.  May what You say be enough for them.  


Allow faith to spring into their hearts each and every time they hear Your voice.  


I know that the evil one has a habit of accusing __________, in fact accusation is the very meaning of his name (Zechariah 3.1).  I ask, in Your Name, that You would rebuke all such accusations against her and instead, cover her mind with clean thoughts of who she is in You (Zechariah 3:5).  Remind her of the turban that You have created for her to wear. It is engraved with the words, “Holy to the Lord” (Exodus 28.36).




Thank You that You are her high priest, seated now in the heavenlies to cleanse her conscience from guilt. She does far too much stuff just because she thinks she is supposed to (Hebrews 8.1; 9.13-14).  May she live by pleasing You, not just obeying man’s rules.  



As I pray in Your Name, may ________’s accuser be so violently refused of anything he asks, that he is expelled like lightening anytime he mentions her name (Luke 10:18).  Rather than allowing him to point his finger at her, I ask in Your Name that You point Your finger at him. May we watch Your very kingdom come upon ________ (Luke 11:20).  Grant them the obedience necessary to hear Your Word and do it (Luke 11:28).  All these things are asked in Your Name…so be it.