An Easter Thought

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Easter cookies

Today, as we celebrate Easter, I’m drawn toward a particular passage in John that I hadn’t noticed before. 


Jesus had been crucified, laid in the tomb and risen. Yet, none of His friends had seen Him.


Mary Magdalene discovered the empty tomb and ran to report it to Peter and John. Obviously, this caused quite a stir and these two men also rushed with Mary Magdalene back to the tomb. Both Peter and John looked into the cave and found it abandoned. 


Then, we find these two verses:


“So the disciples went away again to their own homes. But Mary was standing outside the tomb weeping.” (John 20:10-11)


I wonder how often you and I are stirred with a God incident, and then actually wait around long enough to experience Him face to face?


May we be like Mary in the coming days, not like the disciples.


May we wait till He shows up,

not return home to wonder what ever happened to Him.



Photo courtesy of Tom Clark