Always on the Go

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Woe is me.  For I am a woman of activity and I live among a people of activity!”


Do you ever feel that way?


I began my relationship with my husband, Mark with activity.  


On our way back from a summer mission trip, I interrupted Mark’s wedding proposal to pop my own question.  




After the jeweler called to say my engagement ring was ready, I promptly tried to go pick it up in without Mark. 




After our wedding reception, we crawled out the back window and drove off rather than waiting to be properly sent off with rice and blessings.  




The Apostle Peter was like that – impetuous and full of action.


I can relate to Peter’s personality very well.  Can you?


He was the guy who interrupted Jesus’ discussion with resurrected saints on the mount of transfiguration. 




He was the guy that climbed out of the vessel in the middle of a storm to see how his bare feet felt with waves underneath them. 




In an attempt to save Jesus from arrest, Peter was the guy that swung a sword to kill and clumsily lopped off a servant’s ear instead.  




He was the guy that ripped off his clothes, jumped out of the boat and swam to shore – only to have to swim back to the boat to help haul in the fish. 




Yet, one of the last things that Jesus told Peter was to “stay in the city until you are clothed with power from on high” (Luke 24:29).


Jesus has been calling me to wait. 


How about you? What do you need to wait on Him for today?