Afraid of Being Judged?

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Is this you?


Actually, you aren’t alone. There is actually a specific anxiety disorder associated with just such a the fear. 


Thomas A. Richards, PhD., and psychologist says that “social anxiety is the fear … of being judged and evaluated negatively by other people…”


With the risk of oversimplifying a complex problem, the Father reveals a starting point for all who have some shade of this problem.


Wanna stop feeling judged? Here’s what you do. 


Faith Him. No, really. Look at this:


 “He who believes (on Him) is not judged.” (John 3:18)



Let’s do a brief truth mediation on this verse. I’ll look up some of the Greek words for you as you meditate on their meaning.


He who believespisteuo (verb) – a faith directed toward Jesus; giving one’s self up to Him; Used here in present tense so it is occurring in actual time…right now (not worrying about what was before or what will be); the mood of the verb is participle mood, which puts a suffix like “‘ing” on the end of the verb. “The believing one.”


Oneis (preposition) – denoting entrance into or motion towards something.


Notme (particle) – negation, denying the thought of the thing.


Judgedkrino (verb) – used here specifically of the act of condemning and inflicting penalty on someone; passive tense “He that believes receives from God the action of not being condemned”.


Meditate on that a moment and then jot down what you hear Him saying to you.





Okay – here is the truth I heard:


Moment by moment, I choose to submit myself to God’s persuasive influence (remember talking about that definition of faith on Tuesday (link)? In doing so, at this very moment, I am considered by God as a believing one. Because He believes all thing, hopes all things, and endures all things, He sees my current state of believing as absolutely who I am (1 Corinthians 13:7). 


The action of my faith points me in His direction. Believing places me inside His Life and His inside of me. When He looks at me, there is absolutely no condemnation in His eyes, mind or heart (Romans 8:1). God doesn’t, won’t, and can’t judge me because with my very small seed pod of faith, I am looking outside of myself and faithing in Him.


Grant me one moment after another to faithe You, O Lord. As I faithe right now, I have a good chance of faithing again tomorrow. Free me from fearing judgement as You have already declared me free from being judged. 


What did you hear from the Father? 



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