Advising God

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“I don’t want to be God. But, I sure wish He would ask my advice sometimes.” 


Ever felt this way?


But, life seldom unfolds as expected, and often, we would like to give God some pointers. Yet, who is truly qualified to give the directions? Someone who can make a plan, or the very One Who created every brain cell? One who has the experience of a few dozen years, or the One Who existed before time began? The person whose thoughts and feelings change from day to day, or the One Who stays the same, regardless of time and space?


Replace your advisory prayers with His advocacy prayers. Our triune God is already praying about your circumstance. He is the Alpha and Omega – the beginning and the end. Why not quietly lean in to hear what the Great “I Am” has to say about your situation?


In doing so, you will gain new perspective and discover that God doesn’t need your counsel, after all. He knows you, and He cares greatly about you. Your part is just to trust in Him.


“Father, I waiver from feeling that I know everything to feeling I understand nothing. Herein is where Your rest could really come in handy. I need Your strength, wisdom and especially Your emotions to flood my heart. Help me to see things from Your perspective, so that I can pray down all that You have for our world. Pinpoint my vision to focus directly upon You, despite all of the noise around me. Show me how to rest in You. For this I will wait….Selah.


(Article excerpted from Open Windows daily devotional magazine. Written by Kandy Persall).