Accomplishing Much

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My Child,

I see you. I see your fears, your fatigue, your frustration. You fall exhausted into bed each night because you’ve forgotten the Source of your strength.

The truth is that you alone cannot fix it. The loneliness, the hurt, the grief. No matter how you try, it’s not within your power. You can’t find your son a job or your daughter a friend. You can’t improve your father’s health or stop your mother’s decline. You aren’t in control. Your weakness is very real.

The strength you pray for won’t come in the way you ask. Left to yourself, you would just hide your weakness. Yes, you pray for change, but are angry when the transformation touches you. You are My child. How can I leave you untouched by discipline? (Hebrews 12:7)

When you ask for strength, remember that My power is never used to inflate your ego. I am more concerned with your consecration than your comfort. Working for your best, I always begin in the depths. One glance into your hidden places and I can pin-point the problem. The Isaac of your heart, your beloved, needs to be strapped to the altar.

Be still, My love. My sharp two-edged Sword is only dividing the spiritual from the emotional – the divine from the soulish (Hebrews 4:12). The more you fidget in fear, the longer the operation will take. Be still and know that I am the Great Physician (Psalm 46:10).

I’ve provided you with a full measure of faith to ease the pain. Breathe deeply and believe fully. One timely touch from My Hand heals completely.

You must believe in Me, not just My existence. My Hand upon you will result in your reward (Hebrews 11:6). My best gifts aren’t cash and health, but compassion and self-control (Luke 11:13). I want you to be comfortable one day in heaven, so I’m fitting you for it even now.

You aren’t responsible, but I am. Even now, I am accomplishing each little detail that concerns you (Psalm 138:8). The abundance of the heavenlies has been prepared for your needs. Enroll in My classroom of prayer to those in need of resources.

I’ve made you bigger than you are living. Come to see yourself through the mirror of My Eyes.