A Weekend Wedding

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“I, Richard, take you Jane, to be my wife. I commit my devotion to you….I commit to love you…”


What an amazing weekend we experienced. This past Saturday, our family came together in celebration of yet another of the Father’s blessings. 


It wasn’t either of our daughters, although both were in attendance. If you have checked out the “about me” page, you know that Hannah has been married almost 9 years and Hilary almost five. In fact, Mark and I thought that our days of planning family weddings were over. 


No, this was Mark’s dad’s wedding.


Now, it was not your usual second marriage scenario. Both Richard and Jane were widowers, with her first marriage lasting 55 years and his lasting sixty. 


Yet, after both had lost their life mates, the Lord gifted them with this new chapter of love in their lives. Isn’t God good?


“I commit to you in health….I commit to you in sickness… I commit to you when we are in sorrow…I commit to you when we are in joy….I commit myself to you as long as we both shall live.”


As the couple made these vows to one another, I realized that I had heard them many times at many weddings before. Yet, this time, I knew that these two individuals fully realized the gravity of those words. They had fulfilled every one of them once before. 


And because they had been faithful, the Lord wasn’t quite finished using their lives to represent Himself and His church. With His strength, they could do it yet once again. Share with us the weekend’s joy.