A Struggle, A Stepfather and A Surprise

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By Kelli Comley

Has there ever been a season in your life where you asked God, “What are you doing? Why am I going through this?” We agree that God works for our good for His purpose. But in those valley moments that are hard to understand, it often becomes difficult to hold onto His promises. 

I’ve recently faced adjustments and challenges in this area. One of those was the acceptance of my future stepfather. For years, I’ve had no father in my life.  When my mama got engaged, I struggled with adjusting to the idea of having him around. I didn’t want another father figure in my life because I had God. He was all I needed. 

My poor stepfather tried so hard, and honestly, I didn’t make it easy for him. The hurt and pain inflicted by my dad, not only upon me but also my mama and siblings made me defensive. I did not want to let my guard down and take a chance with this new man in our lives. 

Every time my stepdad paid me a compliment by telling me that I looked pretty, it seemed so foreign to me. I had to pray through this struggle continually.  As God softened my heart toward him, I’m beginning to be more open to him. Over these past three months, I realize what having a father figure in my life means. 

I’ll never forget the pride that I saw on his face as I explained concepts I was learning in college or when I got accepted into my dream university. For the first time in my life, I recognized the expression of fatherly pride. I can appreciate the kindness and love that he bestows upon my mom. 

Am I still guarded? Yes, but I’m thankful to God for bringing this new relationship into our lives. God knew what He was doing and what we all needed.

At times, our Heavenly Father brings new things into our lives that we don’t realize we need. At first, the change is difficult and tests our faith. But as we press into Him through prayer and faith, we see that it’s all for our good

Although I know that my Father God takes pride in me, He allowed me to see His look of pride through my future stepfather.  I now realize my Abba is looking at me this same way, even though I cannot see Him. That’s something I needed in my life. This simple experience has given me a greater desire to know God and seek to please Him more. 

God knows what you need, even when you don’t know yourself. There will be moments of confusion and questions, but He has your best interest at heart, just as any good father that loves his children. So, if you’re struggling with accepting something new, don’t give up. Trust that your Father knows what He’s doing and that His purpose is for your good. 

Kelli is currently a Junior Dietician student at Texas Tech University. A member of Victory Life Church in Lubbock, she is earning her way through university with her job at Chik-Fil-A. Although vulnerability isn’t her favorite, she is at her best sharing her heart with someone in need.