A Note from Him

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exhale inhale

Dear, dear child,


Turn aside and look at Me. Rest your face in My Hands. Stop the busy-ness and breathe.


I want to talk to you. Yes, you. Be still and know. 


I came to renew. Including you in that work makes Me extremely full of joy. 


I know your weaknesses. Don’t worry about them. They are provided for in my Spirit. They don’t bother Me nearly like they bother You.


If you would take your eyes off yourself and fix them on Me, your faults wouldn’t take up so much of your energy.


You began in the Spirit. Finish that way. In other words, focus on walking this moment in the Spirit and you will find that you walk each and every one the same way. 


I am greater, not only than your mind, but also of your heart


I, the Faithful One, have called you. I, the Faithful One, will bring you into full union with the Spirit. 


My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts higher than your thoughts. 


Sometimes you cannot feel my working and then you despair that I have deserted you. That can never be. I made a promise to never leave you or forsake you. I keep my promises.


I am always at work helping both your desires and your actions be Spirit-led. This is what I sent my Son on earth to achieve. Why do you think I can’t achieve it through you as well? 


I accomplish all that I set out to do.


After all, you are my beloved child. I’m pleased with you.