A Letter from My Mother

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I have a letter I want to share with you. It’s addressed to my Aunt “Payne” in my mother’s handwriting. On the last two pages, Mother tells her sister about my salvation experience as a six-year-old child. As I read over the words of this godly mom, I realize that hunger for more can begin through someone else’s prayers. 


Mother writes:


“Our spring revival services began Sunday, March 27, (1966) and from the first service the Holy Spirit could be felt. 


“I had been assigned to work with the young people and I felt such a burden, so I rededicated my life on Monday night. 


“After the service was over, Kandy went straight to the car and I visited a little while.  I looked up to see Kandy motion for me to come on. So, I went to the car and as soon as I got in, she began to cry. 


“‘Mother, I do so want to be saved. Could we go talk to the pastor?’


“My first impulse was to tell her we would talk and pray about it when we got home. Then I remembered this is the moment I’ve prayed for ever since I knew we were going to have Kandy and the most important event in her whole life.


“So, we went weeping to the pastor’s study. Brother Pope read from Romans 10: 9-10, 13. We had read this many times together before (Kandy and I). This time the words were the same, but sounded different to her heart. 


“He explained how Jesus can only save those who want to be saved and these He will not cast out. All the time, the tears just flooded her face.  We knelt and prayed. When we raised from prayer, she had such a peaceful smile – no tears -and said simply, ‘I believe.’



“May it always be so, God, please. When the clouds of life are dark around her, let her still look up and say, ‘I believe’.”



Do you remember the time that you settled your salvation with the Father and knew His freedom? 



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