A Heart to heart

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My dear Child,


We need to have a talk. 


I know that you truly want to be free and we’ve talked about it quite a bit. Yet, there is still that one thing that keeps pulling you down. 


Now, don’t get me wrong. I can forgive you over and again….70×7 and then some (Matthew 18:22). But, I see how the pattern of sin-confess-sin-confess is getting you down. It’s making you discouraged and unable to really like the you that I love so much.


Let Me give you some practical guidance on breaking this bondage, okay? 


You know that person that you respect so much? The one that you look up to and admire their walk with Me? Yeah, that’s the one. Well, I want you to go talk to them about this habitual looping sin. I realize that it won’t be easy, but breaking recurrent behavior is going to take some decisive action on your part. 


I’m not asking that you confess this to a huge group or air out your dirty laundry to everyone. But, you need accountability. Someone you can confess to, who won’t tell anyone, but will instantly and continually pray for you. That’s where healing begins (James 5:16). Their prayers for you will help keep you focused on just what it looks like to go all out for Me and have nothing left over for fleshly living (Romans 13:14).


Of course, you are already quite aware that saying “yes” to that little sin issue just opens up the floodgates for other deception to influence your thoughts and emotions. Giving up in this tiny thing declares war on your soul (1 Peter 2:11). And the next thing you know, you are grumpy and quarrelsome (James 4:1).


On the contrary, saying “no” to it….even just once at first….begins the victory I have already prepared for you (Titus 2:11-12 NIV). Let’s not give the evil one any opportunity to gain a foothold in your soul, okay (Ephesians 4:27)?


I love you with My Life. In fact, I’ve actually given My Life in exchange for yours. 


I don’t want you to have just a partial deliverance. Make an appointment with this friend. After all, I want you to be as proud of you as I am.


Kandy here:

As my speaking schedule picks up, I am going to cut back on M-F posting. Beginning next week (June 9th-15th, 2013), I will post twice a week on Tuesday’s and Friday’s. May the Lord continue to speak to all of us as He reveals His heart on this site. Grace and peace on your day.