A Halloween Prayer

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In the midst of so much celebration of death today, I come to celebrate Life. All life came into being by You as You are the embodiment of Life itself. Thank You for breathing that Life into the first man’s nostrils, so that  we can live, move and simply exist


You are the 


Author of Life 

Bread of Life 

Eternal Life  

Light of Life 

the Living One

the Living Stone 

Word of Life 

Spirit of Life 

fountain of Life.


And personally You are my Life. What else can I ask for?


As my Life, You attentively hear my prayers. What a blessing! What a relief! I can come to You with my sorrows, my fears, my confusion, my joys – all of these and yet You are never overwhelmed. As a part of life, they are just portions of the whole. And You are greater than all. For this, I again praise You.


So much life and yet, Your lovingkindness is even greater than life. I cannot comprehend it all.


So on this Halloween, may our celebration exalt You – the Father of Life. In the Name of Your Living Son we pray, Amen.