A Glimpse Heavenward

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Two doors.

Two thrones.

Both the doors are hinged, Both the thrones are filled.

One door stands open, while the other is closed. Thus, one throne exalts a King, while the other extends a royal invitation.

To know the difference between the two, I must keep my eye on the Man. For you see, it is He who is present in all four instances.

When I am quiet enough to notice, I can visualize the first door. Bolted tightly, the ancient grainy timber and weathered iron hardware are familiar. It’s my door—the door of my heart. I’ve locked it securely and bolted it from entry.

Yet, there is Someone outside my door, and it is He who captures my awareness. Persistently, tenaciously, and relentlessly He taps on the door for He needs something. The hour is late, but His desire is urgent.

Suddenly, my perspective changes, and I am now behind my door. Although I can no longer see Him, I know the continual knocking is His. As I creep toward the entry, I can hear His voice clearly saying, “Behold! Pay attention and take note. I have a desire, and you have what I need.”

Surely He has the wrong door. He is the captivating King of all. What need could lie in the heart of this One who owns it all?

“I’m not here by mistake, my love,” He responds as if reading my thoughts. “I know you, and indeed you are the one I’ve chosen. You’ve captured my heart, and I’ve come for you. Open to Me, My darling, My dove, My perfect one. I’ve asked the Father for your hand.”

How long has He been there? How long will He linger? And while I hesitate, He whispers again—this time speaking of a throne. “Come sit with Me there,” He beckons. So this Prince who sits at the Right Hand of God now stands before my door, insistently and incessantly bidding me come away with Him.

Wavering though I am, I believe His invitation. I recognize Him as my Beloved, steadfastly wooing me of His desire for me to be His bride. His voice tremors to say that has always been His desire.

As I slide back the bolt to open the door, His eyes meet mine, and I’m enraptured. His every word is full of sweetness, and He is wholly desirable. I can lean on Him, for I know that His desire is for my best.

Within moments, He motions toward the second door. Standing wide-open, it is the gateway into the heavenlies. As long as my own door remained bolted, I could not see this impressive, unrestricted entryway. Now it is open wide for me.

And through that door, I see the second throne. Setting stable and secure, dwelling in unapproachable light. The authority of every kingdom, the jurisdiction of every domain, all are settled and immoveable here. And I have been invited within as a tender bride of the Son, not merely a subject. I’ve arrived in time for a wedding, and the wedding is mine.

Of course, this story is not merely about me, but you as well. It is for all who hear His initial knock. You have a door, and you have a throne. Even so, come Lord Jesus.

Based on Revelation 3:20-21; 4:1-2; Song of Solomon 4:9; 5:2-5,16; 6:3; 7:10; 8:5; John 17:24