A Christmas Interview

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Since my family won’t all be together this Christmas, indulge me a moment as I interview our four oldest grandchildren across the miles….


What is your favorite part of Christmas?  

Joshua (age 7) – “Opening presents! Oooo and playing in the snow!”
Felicity (age 4) – “Opening stockings!!”
Noah (age 8) – “Eating cinnamon rolls for breakfast ‘cause it’s really yummy. And I like opening stockings right after.”
Judah (age 5) – “Setting up the Christmas tree and opening presents”


What is a food we eat at Christmas that you like?

Noah – “Cinnamon rolls”
Joshua – “Monkey bread!”
Judah – “Candy canes”
Felicity – “I like all the things that we eat for Christmas!”

What is the most exciting part of the Christmas story?

Joshua – “Jesus being born”
Judah – “About Jesus”
Noah – “Jesus dying and saving our sins”
Felicity- “My favorite part is that stable!”

What do you think the shepherds thought when the angels came to them?

Judah – “They looked scared when she first came but she said don’t be scared, I have good news for you and then they looked happy.”
Joshua – “‘Woah!’ They got scared and then they were happy.”
Noah – “That they really wanted to see the newborn king.”

How long do you think it took the wise men to get to Jesus?

Felicity – “Ten minutes!”
Joshua – “Like three days?”
Noah – “Four days maybe. I don’t know. It’s hard to answer that question.”
Judah – “A long, long journey.”

What is the most surprising part of the Christmas story?

Felicity – “The angels!”
Noah – “That Jesus was born in a stable!”
Judah – “Where Jesus came out and then we got to watch Him lay in the manger.”
Joshua- “Jesus being born by Mary.”


What’s your favorite Christmas song?

Noah – “Joy to the World”
Joshua – “Little Drummer Boy”
Felicity – “Rum pa pum pum!”
Judah – “Christmas, I love you” (he wrote that one) and “Charlie Brown”

So what are your children saying this Christmas?