“I can’t see Him clearly”

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You know, Peter gives me great hope. I figure if Peter could faithe the unseen prior to having the Holy Spirit, surely you and I can see Him now that we have the Spirit.


Look again at Matthew 14:22-33.


Dear have-I-got-an-idea-for-you-Peter can’t remain quiet. Screaming above the gale of the winds he shouts, “If You are really You, order me to come to You across the waves.”


Sometimes even when we think we see Jesus, we aren’t sure of His identity


Peter had to hear His voice to visually recognize His Lord. 


Today, we have to hear the written Word to recognize the Living Word.


Spiritual vision is opened to us by first reading His Holy eye chart, the Bible. Without sitting before the etchings of our omnipotent Optometrist, we can never be readied to see into the unseen.


It’s just that simple.


Mark and I came to know one another by letters. Yes, we met on an airplane and had about 3 dates afterwards, but our real relationship deepened once we were separated by thousands of miles.


Mark in Malaysia and I in Taiwan, we diligently exchanged daily aerograms over the course of our ten week separation. Those airmail posts were how we truly got to know one another. 


What if I hadn’t read any of his letters? 


I wouldn’t have known his intention toward me.


We do the same when we beg to know God, but don’t read His letter to us.


Peter had to wait till Jesus walked by his boat to recognize His voice. 


But, the Kingdom of God is in our midst. Regularly infuse His written Word over your life.  


Having a hard time “getting into it”? 


Let the Word wash over you with an audio version. Google your favorite version and add the word “audio” in the search. Many are currently available to stream free. I’ve downloaded “The Message” on my phone and listen while I get ready each day. 


How do you get the Word into your life?