The First Step to Worship

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So how then do I begin a day where worship – not  worry – is foremost?


A thankful heart is the first step to a heart of worship. 


If we don’t start with the milk of appreciation, we will never cut teeth for the steak of adoration.


We know that there is an element of sacrifice in worship, but did you realize that thanksgiving is an offering as well? 


Gratitude is a choice which sacrifices the distraction for the attraction.


Honestly, when you set aside time to tell Him thanks, you will reap so many benefits. 


Thankfulness changes your attitude


You realize how much you already have and all of the ways He has already delivered you. Stick it out for only 1 full minute and you will be amazed at how easy it is the second minute.


Appreciation to Him spills out of your heart onto others.


Struggling with just how to help your children have a healthy self-image? Start by thanking your heavenly Father. When you use spare moments to thank Him specifically, you will do so more naturally to other around you. 


In fact, Giving thanks spans generations, affirming both old and young in who they are. 


Gratitude keeps your mouth clean.


If we would keep our thoughts targeted towards thanksgiving, we would find ourselves regretting what we say less. Practice thanking Him when you aren’t saying anything and you will be thankful for what you didn’t say when you do open you mouth. 


Thankfulness is His will.


How often do we spaz about whether or not to do this or that? “What’s God’s will for my life?” Well, here it is in black and white, yet it doesn’t seem very high on our priority listing. Ever think that possibly doing this one thing that is His will might lead us to know the next step we are so eager to understand?


So – what are we waiting for?


Thank You Father for giving me a clean, safe place to live. 

Thank You that it rained several days last week.

Thank You for writing down Your Word, so that I have something to start with.

Thank You for a family that loves me, when I’m actually not all that lovable…


You take it from here…..


(Don’t you feel less distracted already?)