The Life Connection

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Because God is Spirit, interaction with Him must also be in spirit. “His voice will always speak to us Spirit to spirit: His Spirit to ours” (Hungry For More, chapter 4).


Since we are physical beings, interacting spiritually with the Father grates against our natural understanding. It seems so difficult because all of our other relationships begin either with the mind or the emotion. Our connection with God is on a deeper level.


It must begin in simple faith. 


At some point in every believer’s journey, we decide to speed the process along. Thinking we can short cycle the maturation process, we shift our emphasis from faith to increased knowledge. 


What begins in spirit can easily degrade into a technique. 


That’s when knowledge begins to puff up.


And knowledge is never uglier than in the form of religion. 


Truly – “the Letter kills; but the spirit gives life.”


Walking in the Spirit is never accomplished on auto-pilot because by design it must include a moment by moment vital connection with True Life


The Spirit is the Life Giver, not the mind.


Holy Father,


Sometimes I feel that my life is like a valley of dry bones. My hope is low and I feel cut off from You.


Indeed, there used to be life within, but somehow I took a wrong turn down the pathway of religious knowledge. Is there any way that these bones of mine can live again?


You answer to say, “Hear the Word of the Lord.” I need to be attentive to Your Word – the Word of Spirit and Truth, not entertainment and pop culture. 


Okay. I do read Your Word. I listen to Christian music. I stream sermons on my device. 


“Here the Word of the Lord”.


So what am I missing?


“Behold, I will cause breath to enter you that you may come to life.” 


My lack is the vitality of a Person, not the enumeration of a checklist, huh?


It’s not what I ought, but by Whom I am bought. 


I need You to be my Elisha. Stretch out the full warmth of Your life onto my cold frame. Mouth to mouth, Eyes to eyes, Hands to hands – press Your Spirit onto mine that I might become alive in You. 


Fill my lungs with Your breath. 


Your Spirit gives life. Germinate and sprout that Life within me. Take my hand and raise me up to walk in continual newness of the holy animation. 


In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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Photo above by Sara Jeng Grewar. Follow her on Instagram!